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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A hilarious end to the 'Husky' STORY....

The Tale of What Happened to my Elderly Husky, the much loved older sewing machine in my textile life....

Sigh, it is my sadness to have to report that I DID indeed receive that dreaded service call.  Barry was very kind as he imparted the news that there was absolutely no hope for the dear old Husky... that he had spent hours trying to revive her, but to no avail.  He did offer to drop off the "carcass" by which I am sure he meant the final remains of the recently deceased... really, I am sure he did!  But I WAS BRAVE, took a deep breath, and said no, that was very kind but really she should just go directly to the great sewing machine heaven in the sky (or words to that effect!) Barry then, again so kindly told me he would plunder the remains before he threw it (her) in the dumpster, which I am sure he meant that he would harvest the parts to help give new life to other old Huskys who could be revived with a much needed transplant.... really, I am sure he did!

So I thanked him very much for trying so hard with dear sweet Husky and hung up the phone... sigh.

After supper I am just getting ready to do some more printing when my intercom rings... hmm who could that be? It's Barry... and he tells me he has something for me.  So thinking that he has, for whatever reason, decided to return dearly departed old Husky I meet him in the lobby...

He is turned away from me when I get off the elevator and when he turns around he does NOT have a machine in his hands but a lovely bouquet of flowers!!!!  He so very formally presents them to me as my condolence bouquet of flowers!!!!! in memory of the dearly departed!  I cannot begin to tell you how hard I laughed. OMG never in a hundred years could I have seen this one coming! It really was the most perfect humourous end to our fun conversation over what could not be done for my old machine.  The man has a truly wonderful, and wicked sense of humour! !

And here they are:

As I said, absolutely gorgeous!!!!! What a Hoot!

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