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Friday, February 8, 2013

From Sketch to Finished Product....

Here you can see how the design process goes from fabric "sketches" shown in previous post to the finished product, after washing to remove the seaweed thickener and to set the dyes, with all the details added and then sewn into the final form... in this case wet bags of various sizes!
These wet bags are available on the Etsty store, in the Change Pads, Bags and Sets section. Detailed information and photos of both front and back are there as well.

Cherry Blossoms:

Spray Flowers:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Color Sketches.. how motifs develop

Once the paper sketches have been done... and sometimes that can just be a single leaf or petal, a full scale stencil is designed and hand cut.  So the motif elements are formed.

Then we need to try out those elements in different combinations... ultimately resulting in a "motif" which is a group of elements that will be printed in a particular configuration for a variety of products.

Below are 9 motif options.  Once these are printed like this, it is easy to choose which motif would work best for different products because it is easy to see the full design, layout options and colorways.   These particular motif layouts will work really well for wet bags of different sizes, change pads, nursing covers and even blanket tops, larger pieces would have these in either random repeats or larger scale of the same motif.

In completed work, the birds are completed with eyes and beaks and flowers can have more defined centers... but we don't do that kind of detail in a sketch.

Group 1

Option 1

 Option 2

Option 3

Group 2

 Option 4

 Option 5

Option 6

Group 3

 Option 7

Option 8 

 Option 9

 Close up of Option 9 Hearts and Flowers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dressing Baby in a Kimono Style Sleepsac.... How to Photos!

I have been asked from time to time... "How do these Sleepsacs work?"  I have finally put the answer into some photos. They also cover the question of "Do I tie the ties in a bow or a tie?"  The answer is... just tie them. The ties are not long enough to do bows and that is done on purpose... bows are way too bulky, but a simple tie lies pretty flat and no, they do not pull tight!  They will not present a problem with untying.  So hopefully, pictorially, I have answered both questions !





Happy Bebe!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NEW!! Dual Function Nursing Cover System with Removable Cover and Adjustable Neckband. ....

Something totally new for Botanical Bebe!  This multi-functioning Nursing Cover idea was first proposed by the lovely people at Matraea Mercantile and it was a really good one... our biggest challenge in this whole enterprise was finding the right clips... and yup I ordered up 3 other kinds that I thought would work... but sadly just didn't hold up... ha ha!  And sometimes the tried and true are indeed that... some of you may recognize the clip style you see on children's overall and adult suspenders- just the smaller version of course... and boy do they ever work well.  I hope you like this idea too!

Details and how it all functions are posted on both the website and on Etsy:
The Nursing Cover System is $30 and the SOON to be added selection of Nursing Cover "refills" ! will be $20 ea.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tiny Birds Travel Clean-up Set now posted!

You can see these little guys on the website:

Set includes:
1 small receiving blanket 26 x26" and 3 messy cloths 15 x 15"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OK, so I am seriously in love with these tiny Birds....

I am pretty sure that there is going to be a lot more of these little guys showing up on just about everything... and here is a sneak preview of a new Travel Set of Wipe-Up Cloths and Small Receiving Blanket... perfect for baby-on the-go!!

These will be posted on both Etsy and our website tomorrow... plus a whole lot of other new things....

More Change Pads and Zippered Wet Bags Coming tomorrow.... little Birds, oh ya!!

Butterflies and Tiny Birds......
Had to leave the Studio before I finished these today, but they are first on the list for tomorrow....

Expect to see more Kimono-Style Sleepsacs!!

I know, these aren't my favourite item to sew up, BUT I now have a wonderful assistant who does these with extreme care and attention... and she's fast too!  So this allows me to print, print, print while she sews, sews, sews and we have quite a lovely time doing both....

Here are just two of the new ones:

And of course they have matching Receiving Blankets!

For more details please see my Etsy Store (USD) :
and our Website (CAD) :

New Year's New Motifs and Products!

I am very pleased with the new Change Pad and Wet Bag Sets! I loved the first ones we did featuring just the stylized Botanical Bebe Leaves, but I thought they needed something extra... and now they have it!  These are the first group and I am very pleased with them...

The Change Pads have 3 Layers: Printed Organic Cotton Top, white PUL middle layer (see below for description of PUL) and cuddly soft natural flannelette for the "baby layer" At the end of these photos you will find a photo showing the three layers before they are sewn together....


So what is PUL?  Good question! and here is a short description of this pretty great fabric.....
PUL, (polyurethane laminated fabric),is a reliably waterproof fabric that is lightweight, stretchy and extremely durable. This is the fabric that is most often used as the outer layer on re-useable cloth diapers... in all those great colors!! 

This fabric is used in the medical field where a waterproof barrier is needed and can be autoclaved at the very high temperatures needed for sterilization,without adverse affects.

And this is what it all looks like inside the Change Pad and the Zip Bag:

For more details please check out either my Etsy Store in USD: or my website in CAD: